Dazy Jones - Cannabis Seeds

Dazy Jones - Cannabis Seeds
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The renowned Trainwreck cannabis seeds strain is fused with the classic Sour Diesel and then it’s finished off with a healthy dose of Thai in this high-yielding variety.

  • Dense resinous flowers are accompanied by very little foliage, which leaves more ventilation to defend against mould and mildew. 

  • Commercial producers, as well as connoisseurs, will appreciate the complicated layering of flavors and a gigantic load of crystal-covered colas. 

  • Dazy Jones flowers in around just 8 - 9 weeks and responds greatly to the sea of green cultivation; a greenhouse is recommended for outdoor growers who are battling with short flowering seasons, and this awesome plant also gives you a very high yield too, making it an all-around first class strain. 

  • To summarize, if anyone is looking to hit all checkpoints in just the one strain, then this could be the one for you which you can rely on, with its mold/mildew defense, massive yield, delicious flavors and those gorgeous sparkly crystals this is an all-in-one perfect package for that spot on cultivation!

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
GENETICS mostly sativa - Trainwreck x SourDiesel x Thai backcross ChemDaze
YIELD Very High