Dark Devil Auto - Cannabis Seeds

Dark Devil Auto - Cannabis Seeds - Sweet Seeds
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These cannabis seeds are the result of the hybridization between one of our most loved auto-flowering varieties Big Devil XL Auto® and a fascinating auto-flowering strain with amazing purple flowers.

  • This strain was developed by Sweet Seeds and a fantastic collaboration with our friends at the R+D department of Buddha Seeds.

  • Dark Devil’s distinctive purple flowers and leaves are inherited from her ancestors from the Chitral region in Pakistani Hindu Kush, very close to Afghanistan. Devil’s purple genetics also help contribute to a faster flowering period overall, carrying new sweet aromas and psychedelic purple colors to our Big Devil XL Auto®.

  • Dark Devil cannabis seeds show a strong hybrid vigor from germination. These plants grow with the appearance of Indica-Sativa hybrids and a strong central stem with many side branches, finishing off with a large central cola and multiple smaller buds on her side branches.

  • Resin production is generous in her flowers and in their surrounding leaves. Dark Devil Auto has a very sweet and fruity aroma with subtle hints of incense and enchanting citrus tones. Once harvested and dried this beauty gains a very dark purple tone across her finished flowers, almost black in color.

  • Suitable for growing both indoors or out this strain will not disappoint, growers will be rewarded by large yields up to 600 grams per square meter when under optimum conditions, and will finish fast in just 8.5 weeks.

  • You can buy Dark Devil Auto seeds today discreetly from SeedMasters.com!
CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
HEIGHT 80 - 130 cm
YIELD Indoor Yield: 400-600 g/m2 - Outdoor Yield: 50-200 g