Chemdog Millionaire Guava

Chemdog Millionaire Guava
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Chemdog Millionaire Guava is an Indica dominant and hence an early finishing strain.

  • This strain is a preferred choice with licensed dispensaries because of its heavy yields and amazingly fruity taste. It really is no surprise that this strain is a mind-blowing addition to our Cali Line.

  • A beautiful result of crossing Chemdog Millionaire x Guava, this hybrid will tinkle your senses. It will amaze you with its dark green twinkly nuggets and seduce you with copious amounts of resin. Similarly, you’ll also be trying hard to not keep inhaling its magical aroma!

  • This plant offers high THC production and does not grow too tall due to its characteristics. Being a product of its Indica parents and having heavily tropical qualities, it can easily be grown indoors or outdoor.

  • Offering cerebral euphoria and body warmth strains energy in the mind, boosts creativity, and uplifts mood. Therapeutic benefits include easing the symptoms of inflammation, fatigue, stress, anxiety, appetite loss, and chronic pain conditions. Let the Chemdog Millionaire Guava relax your body and stimulate your mind with enlightening, positive thoughts.

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FLOWERING TIME 8 – 9 weeks
GENETICS Indica 85% & Sativa 15%
YIELD 650g indoors & 800g outdoors

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