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Here we have one of Humboldt’s most classic creations, Chemdawg. This popular hybrid is a genuine king in the world of cannabis.

  • Chemdawg cannabis seeds are known to originate from that mysterious strain from Colorado called “Dog Bud”, which was obtained from the breeder Chemdawg himself, decades ago. This strain gives a nice and deep chillaxing cerebral and refreshing effect, which is in both mind and body.

  • Chemdawg has been considered to be a parent to the very similar “OG Kush” but it is as well the progenitor from all Diesel strains (Such as NYC Diesel & Headband) Chemdawg is really well known for having a unique diesel aroma accompanied by a sharp and pungent flavor. It has a really distinct flavor which is unforgettable, given how crazy strong the high is.

  • Growing inside will take around 60 days and it can produce a yield of around 800gms/m2, when grown outdoors the grower needs to harvest in the 1st week of October. Production outside can reach around 1000g per each plant! Depending on the variations of conditions, this treasure can produce THC levels of about 20% which is greatly effective for stress relief, relaxation, appetite stimulation, and pain.

  • So, you have a massive yielding strain that gives a massive punch and the flavor is absolutely phenomenal, an absolute must for every keen grower!
CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
GENETICS Sativa dominant
HEIGHT Up to 2.5m
YIELD Average+