Casey Jones

Casey Jones Cannabis Seeds
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Casey Jones feminized cannabis seeds is a strain named after Casey Jones; a well-known engineer who died in a train wreck in 1900.

  • Bred by the famous breeder Grateful Head, this Sativa-dominant Oriental Express x East Coast Sour Diesel cross is known to overtake grow rooms and yield big, thick, stinky buds. It's genetic lineage consists of generations of both Thai and Trainwreck, making this an extremely complicated and pleasurable smoke. Despite being primarily a Sativa strain, Casey Jones exhibits mostly Indica characteristics.

  • The effects are sleek and refreshing, leaving the user with the clean, uplifting and creative high typical of a Sativa of this stature. The flavor is an earthy and complicated mix of sweet, sour and spicy tastes, with gassy undertones and subtle notes of citrus. This mosaic of flavors is even more astonishing than its penetrating aroma.

  • Casey Jones cannabis seeds produce a strong, fast-growing plant which can be set to flower within around 2-3 weeks if needed. If grown correctly this strain crops well and produces high yields, creating enormous, crystal-coated buds with very small amount of foliage and a frenzied growth rate. Down to its resilient parentage, Casey Jones has been augmented with a resistance to mould that would be more typical of an Indica. 

It’s an extremely easy-to-grow strain that can still produce world-class results, making it an excellent choice for just about any grower. Casey jones flowers in about 8 weeks and is recommended for greenhouse growers and for those struggling with short seasons.

CLIMATE Indoor / outdoor - Great for outdoor - Will grow in almost any climate
EFFECTS Mellow, Hungry, Stoned
FLAVOUR flavour - Earthy, Spicy, Diesel
GENETICS Sativa 60% / Indica 40% - Trainwreck x Sour Diesel x Thai
HEIGHT Medium / Tall - Solid structure 7 mould resistant
THC LEVEL 18 - 20%
YIELD Very High