Bubblehead #13 - Cannabis Seeds

Bubblehead #13 - Cannabis Seeds
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Big Head spent a good amount of time searching for bubble gum cannabis seeds that were as close to the classic old school bubble gum flavor we all know and love, it was finally found in their 13th test subject.

  • Once they were satisfied they selectively bred this with their ultimate and very frosty White Knuckle SC to increase crystal production and then she was crossed with Big Head #1 to help increase the yield even more at harvest time.

  • Bubblehead #13 cannabis seeds produce solid hard buds on her side branches which flank an amazing dominant single cola through the middle, a typical distinctive trait of the Big Head influence within the strain.

  • This variety will also display excellent root growth throughout her lifecycle, making for excellent infrastructure and incredible nutrient uptake.

  • Her White Widow genetics really boost the bubblegum flavor, increase the resin production and make awesome crystal covered buds. This super hybrid will produce giant yields of mouth-watering double bubblegum flavored weed which is totally saturated in THC. 

  • The effects of Bubblehead #13 are very well balanced, the high starts out clear and heavenly gently progressing into a heavier trance-like and calming stone.

  • Bubblehead #13 will stimulate appetite and creativity and is also beneficial for medicinal users with her relaxing body effects.

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CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Narcotic. Sensual. Even head/body
FLOWERING TIME 10 - 11 Weeks - Sept-Oct
GENETICS Indica / Sativa
THC LEVEL High 15-20%
YIELD High 450 - 500g