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Bubblegummer is Female seed’s recreation of the original Bubblicious/Bubblegum strains developed by breeders in Indiana, USA. After many generations of breeding, the original characteristics of its predecessors have been recaptured and refined. This unique plant produces buds with the familiar pink hue usually associated with Bubblegum strains as well as the sweet pink bubble gum aroma and taste to match.

It grows vigorously, generally producing medium-tall plants which flower in roughly 8 weeks. It tends to be less branchy, occasionally prone to stretching, but produces dense and compact buds, covered in plenty of sweet, sticky resin. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Some variation in phenotypes can be expected, however mature plants lend themselves well to cloning so growers are always able to keep cuttings of those they prefer.

Bubblegummer often produces individual plants with the distinct bubblegum scent and flavour that users have come to expect from strains of this type. A very unique strain. You can buy top-quality Bubblegummer seeds now, here at SeedMasters.com!

HEIGHT60 - 80cm

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