Bubba Island Kush

Bubba Island Kush
  • Brand: Dutch Passion
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Bubba Island Kush takes a very short time to flower and produces sour, fruity buds ideal for hash making. 

  • Bubba Island Kush is a versatile strain from Dutch Passion that takes genetics from a Granddaddy Purple/OG Kush cross and combines them with a special Bubba Kush father with pre-1998 genetics. This selection process has resulted in a fast-flowering strain with abundant flavour and excellent resin production.

  • Reaching around 1m tall indoors and flowering within 7.5 weeks, Bubba Island Kush grows vigorously and produces dark green buds that glisten with resin, making it an ideal hash plant. This strain is notable partly for its effects which are typical of a potent Indica strain and tend to leave the user feeling tranquil and relaxed. Another prominent feature of Bubba Island Kush is its impressive terpene profile which, in combination with its overall resin production makes it a sought-after variety for the creation of concentrates.

  • Bubba Island Kush has a fruity, kushy aroma during flowering that locks into the buds during the curing process. Although the flavour is primarily made up of a sour and fruity kush, this strain also has rich earthy undertones that are accompanied by hints of coffee and chocolate. Bubba Island Kush is a strain of premium potency and quality and is an excellent choice in a wide range of conditions and operations.

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