Blueberry - Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry - Cannabis Seeds
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Dutch Passion's Blueberry cannabis seeds are the true original Blueberry renowned for its rich landrace parentage and long history as one of the most visually stunning and flavourful strains available.

  • This legendary strain can be traced back to the 70’s, meaning its unquestionable legacy in the global community as a Cannabis Cup champion is well-deserved and hard earned.

  • Blueberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid, with only 20% of its genetics coming from its Sativa parentage. It is common for growers to germinate multiple seeds, select a reliable mother plant and take cuttings, something Blueberry is very well suited for. This strain yields well under the right conditions, however, beginner growers may struggle with this strain due to its sensitivity around feeding. That being said, the rewards massively outweigh the costs, which is why Blueberry is still a coffeehouse strain after well over 40 years of production.

  • Its effects can be strong, but very deep and relaxing as its Indica genetics would suggest. Can be very useful for med users in terms of pain-relief and relaxation, acting as a full body de-stressor. The buzz tends to pan out to a more euphoric, head-high as its Sativa lineage takes over.

  • Blueberry is well known for its flavor and aroma, yielding a combination of sweet blueberry flavors and fruity undertones. A must-try for connoisseurs and beginners alike! You can buy top-quality Blueberry cannabis seeds now, here at!

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