Blueberry Sugar Pine

Blueberry Sugar Pine
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Blueberry Sugar Pine is a combination of Tahoe Sugar Pine crossed with an extremely rare Lemon OG hybrid and re-worked to produce an intense, musky citrus flavor with a very high concentration of Pinene Terpenes. 

  • This produces a lift and helps accentuate the lemon and push the aroma and flavor into a new dimension. Combined with a sweet Blueberry Haze, this resulted in an absolute beast of a strain and a joy for those looking to grow a Haze or Lemon strain with a twist.

  • This strain can get tall and likes to stretch but this is easily trained and controlled to suit most growing environments, and buds will fatten up swiftly as she comes to a finish. Her flowers blossom lime green and silver with a neon glow, finished buds grow cigar-shaped and burst with resin, dazzling with sticky pine flavored sap. The aroma during the flowering cycle is very strong and reminds us of a classic lemon cleaning product and wood polish, this also is present in the final cured buds which sparkle with trichomes and emanate this chemical citrus stench.

  • The effects of this variety are felt instantly with a sweeping euphoric rush of energy and appetite stimulation which drops off slowly into a creeping full-body stone, leaving users with an alert and focused high which is also very relaxing.

FLOWERING TIME Indoor Flowering: Approx 65-70 days Outdoor Flowering: Mid October
GENETICS Blueberry Haze x Tahoe Sugar Pine
THC LEVEL 18-20%
YIELD Indoor Yield: Approx 550-600g/m2 Outdoor Yield: Approx 700+g/plant

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