Blueberry Ghost OG

Blueberry Ghost OG Cannabis Seeds
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Two legendary strains combine to produce this very special strain. We´ve used a monster Blueberry (Blue Monster) with a deep kushy fruity flavor and added some acidic fruit into the mix with the Colorado Ghost OG and hail the blue titan...Blueberry Ghost OG. 

Blueberry Ghost OG is an amazing accomplishment, try for yourself. In just 8 – 9 weeks of flowering this lady will bring in a massive haul of monstrous fat buds loaded with gleaming resin crystals with the power of 22% THC.  Purple tones from the Blueberry will still come through creating a deep Afghan Kush aroma but the lemony acidity from the Colorado OG will dance around your palate and in our opinion adds another dimension and is more exciting than the earthy OG Kush. Yields are big. 500 – 550 m2 whilst outdoors given the right conditions double could be achieved. If you're looking for a hard hitting no nonsense strain then Blueberry Ghost OG from Original Sensible are the seeds for you!

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse - Hot & Temperate
EFFECTS Narcotic
FLAVOUR Deep Kush with an acid lemon aftertaste
FLOWERING TIME 8 - 9 Weeks October 1st-2nd week
GENETICS Blueberry (Blue Monster) x Colorado -
HEIGHT Outdoor: 160 - 200 cm Indoor: 120 - 160 cm
THC LEVEL High - 22.00%
YIELD Outdoor: 1000 gr/Per Plant Indoor: 550 gr/m2