Black Destroyer

Black Destroyer Cannabis Seeds
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There are many times when weed seeds just don't live up to their name, but with the Black Destroyer from Original Sensible Seeds, this is definitely not the case. A destroyer of stress, strain, muscle tension, bad days and medical pain, this baby has it all and she does it in spades. Putting the power of the AK with the devastation and resin production of the Black Domina was always going to be explosive, but in the end, everyone is a winner. The power comes from 22% THC which makes that sativa hit to get you square between the eyes. But the couch locking sensation from the Black Domina indica is close behind so that you can chill out and let the weight of the world float away. And all that delicious effect comes from such an easy to grow a plant, that even those growing marijuana for the first time will find it a breeze. In just 45 – 55 days you can have your hands on up to 650gr m2 of the most potent cannabis ready to harvest with all with a delicious fruity flavour that is ready to go to work. Don't underestimate the power of this plant. Just know that by choosing cannabis seeds of this quality you are going to produce something quite exceptional.

AROMAStrong, pungent
CLIMATEIndoor / Outdoor / GreenhouseCool, Hot & Temperate
EFFECTSDevastating, Body Stone, Cerebral, Relaxed, Uplifting
FLAVOURSweet red berry with minty aftertaste
FLOWERING TIME6 - 8 Weeks - September
GENETICSBlack Domina x AK 47 - Mostly Indica
HEIGHTIndoors: 100 - 160 cmOutdoors: 120 - 180 cm
MEDICALPain Relief, Depression, Stress
YIELDIndoors: 650 gr/m2Outdoors: 800 gr/Per Plant

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