Black Apple

Black Apple
  • £165.00

Introducing Black Apple, the perfect combination of sweet and sour for all cannabis connoisseurs! 

  • This cultivar is a genetic cross between the Grape OG and the Sour Apple IBL, resulting in a unique blend of fresh grape, lemon, and floral scents with gassy sour apple candy notes. Ideal for legal growers, Black Apple is an easy-to-grow plant that produces high-quality flowers with a rich terpene profile. With scents reminiscent of apple candy and creamy gelato, you'll be transported to a world of sweetness and bliss. The effects of this strain are mellow and promote creativity, making it the perfect choice for unwinding and inspiration.

  • Black Apple is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. The yield is impressive, with growers expecting 450 - 600 grams per square meter. Get your hands on this amazing cultivar today wile they are available in bulk packs of 100 seeds.