Big Cheese Auto - Cannabis Seeds

Big Cheese Auto - Cannabis Seeds
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Big Stilton Auto cannabis seeds were created by crossing a beautiful Auto Cheese cutting (one of the best they have ever witnessed) and then crossing it with a very powerful Critical+ Auto.

  • These strains are well known for their formidable physical and mental effects which are accompanied by their classic fruity Skunk flavors.

  • Big Stilton Auto is consistent in appearance and the genetics of her parents complement each other perfectly making this strain a truly heavy hitting hybrid of cannabis which is also resilient to mold and pests when grown in greenhouses of outdoor environments.

  • This hybrid was then pollinated with Big Head #1 which helped to promote extra side branching but also preserved the short inter-nodal distance of her mother, this then resulted in gigantic crop production and bright green flowers oozing with the classic Skunk cheese flavors and scents.

  • Big Stilton Automatic has the taste, smell and sheer power of the finest skunk varieties coupled with explosive growth and vigor of Critical+, creating superb high yielding crops each and every time.

  • This strain is perfect for commercial growers which don’t just care about high yields but also outstanding quality cannabis.

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CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor
EFFECTS Carefree. Happy
FLOWERING TIME 10 Weeks - May - Oct
GENETICS Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
THC LEVEL High 15%+
YIELD Med/High 40-60g/400g/m²