Big Bazooka - Feminized Seeds

Big Bazooka - Feminized Seeds
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Big Bazooka feminized seeds receive their name and reputation for their ability to produce big, rocket-sized buds with great reliability. It is rare to find a strain that gives such heavy and abundant yields at the level of power and potency we see in Big Bazooka. 

  • Big Bazooka is a pure Indica variety, known to produce an exceptional high that even the most experienced smokers will appreciate. This strain benefits from a classic genetic legacy of tried and tested parentage, combining a monstrous Big Bud phenotype with a carefully selected Jack Herer to create a heavy-yielding, high-potency strain.

  • This colossal plant grows rapidly and vigorously, reaching its peak at only 55 days into flowering and yielding a whopping 800g/m2 in this short period. In terms of potency, she stands above most others and hits like a bomb with a gigantic 29% THC content! Big Bazooka’s high resin content blends perfectly with her pure Indica heritage to deliver a seductive, full-body effect that lasts for hours and frees the user of all tension and worry.

  • Big Bazooka is a pleasure to smoke and her sweet lemonade flavor and aroma produce a truly mouth-watering experience with every hit. Overall yield, potency, growth-rate, and flavor come together very well in this remarkably stable and reliable strain, making it an excellent choice for both commercial growers and picky-enthusiasts alike!

  • Due to its high-THC content and profoundly calming effects, Big Bazooka feminized seeds are a powerful weapon in anyone’s arsenal when it comes to combatting insomnia, pain and overall stress.

GENETICS Mostly Indica
HEIGHT 120-150 cm • 200-250 cm