Banana Kush Auto

Banana Kush Auto
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Banana Kush Auto is an auto-flowering strain of the latest generation that provides big yields, great genetic stability, a wonderful intense banana flavour, and an enormous potency. 

  • This strain is an Indica dominant auto-flowering strain that was created by crossing an outstanding Banana Kush from the USA (OG Kush x Banana Sensi Seeds, a species that existed for only one year) and a White Kush.

  • The ruderalis genes are just as strong contained that it begins to bloom by itself about 3 weeks after germination. She has everything an excellent Kush needs. Already 60 days after germination a big harvest of high-grade premium weed is waiting for you. The buds are covered all over with aromatic resin and glitter like dewdrops in the morning sun.

  • The flavor and taste are intense and reminds you of sweet fresh bananas. The effects are very physical and calming on the mind. The high comes on quickly, beginning with a clear head buzz and moving nicely into a full-body stone.

  • Not for nothing Banana Kush is one of the most popular varieties at the US Medical Marijuana dispensaries. Not only for patients, even for connoisseurs the Auto Banana Kush is an absolute must.

Growing Auto Banana Kush

  • Indoors, her dense, bushy structure makes it perfect for a SCROG set up. The soil will emphasize the sweet banana flavor, while hydroponic grow will maximize the yields. Due to her vigorous growth, she will thrive in either. Finishing time is quick at only 70 days from seed, meaning you won’t have to wait all summer for this connoisseur premium weed. Outdoors, you can expect 2 harvests. Indoors she will bring big yields of 550g per square meter and gets about 100 cm tall. It is a great choice for beginners and for experienced growers.

Medical Use

  • This auto-flowering strain helps to relax, provides uplifting effects for depressive moods, and is a remedy for chronic pain.

GENETICS 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
HEIGHT 80-110 cm • 90-110 cm

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