Ayahuasca Purple

Ayahuasca Purple
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Ayahuasca Purple is an extraordinary strain that combines the unique genetics of a rare Red River Delta with Master Kush, resulting in this Indica-dominant masterpiece. Ideal for collectors and connoisseurs. 

  • Barney’s Farm developed this gorgeous strain after being gifted a number of highly-prized Red River Delta seeds. The striking ruby reds and purples of this strain were used to further augment the already legendary Master Kush with a unique flavor and appearance, the result of which is the epic Ayahuasca Purple.

  • Ayahuasca Purple has a very complex and earthy aroma that features unique fruity notes of fresh papaya and hazelnut. Its flavor is a fascinating combination of nutty and tropical dimensions and its scent is pungent with hints of sour fruits.

  • The most notable effect of Ayahuasca Purple is the warm, cozy feeling of deep relaxation and calm that accompanies the euphoric high. This Indica-dominant strain tests at around 21% THC, making it a medium/strong smoke with a deep, full-body high that is both relaxing and uplifting. Ayahuasca Purple is best reserved for the evenings and is effective for a range of medicinal uses.

  • This short but stocky plant is capable of putting on a lot of weight during flowering and for this reason, can require support during the final week or so of flowering. Grown indoors, this plant can reach yields of around 650g/m2 and completes flowering in around 55-65 days. Outdoor growers can usually harvest by the 3rd or 4th week of September. Grows to medium height (1m) with wide fan leaves.

CLIMATE Indoor / Greenhouse - Hot and Temperate
EFFECTS Medium stoned' effect
GENETICS Indica 100%
HEIGHT 50 - 100cm
YIELD +600 gm per m2