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Auto Mazar - Cannabis Seeds - Dutch Passion
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Auto Mazar cannabis seeds are Dutch Passion’s incredibly high-yielding, auto-flowering cross between the renowned Mazar and a specially selected Ruderalis/Indica strain.

  • The original Mazar is a best seller and triple prize winner which receives almost universal praise from anyone who has experienced it. This robust, easy-to-grow Indica auto flower is known for its high yields, potency, and soft taste. Auto Mazar is very resistant to mold, pests, and diseases.

  • Its effects are dreamy but clear-minded, hitting with a full-body stone that melts you from the inside out. Auto Mazar has a very pleasurable and strong high which lasts hours. The taste of this resinous monster is reminiscent of a classic earthy Indica, with soft, Skunky highlights that originate from its Mazar parentage.

  • Auto Mazar cannabis seeds will produce robust, dense bushes with yields of around 50-125g per plant. The highest yield recorded for Auto Mazar was a 205g yield from an outdoor grow in Southern Europe. This strain grows to be around 70-80cm tall, with large leaves and excellent resin production. These fat little Christmas trees will give you great bang for your buck, with its enormous, sticky buds, excellent yield, and impressive potency.

CLIMATE Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
GENETICS Indica Dominant
HEIGHT Very High