Auto JH

Auto JH Cannabis Seeds
  • £6.00

Thanks to its productivity, strength and incredible high, Jack Herer is one of the most well-known marijuana strains on the planet. And turning it into an automatic has been a stroke of genius.  The result is the Auto JH from Original Sensible, one of the most powerful strains of Auto Jack around. This plant is productive, full of flavour and offers a high that you won't forget. Her energising, positive effect ensures fatigue, depression, stress and chronic pain are simply not an issue and when you consider that this all comes in auto-flowering cannabis seeds that are easy to grow and don't even need much room, you can see why we are so excited. Experienced growers, however, should not overlook this strain either – Indoor or outdoor they will take less than 75 days to complete their cycle from seed bringing in a substantial harvest of spicy, flavorsome resin coated weed that has the power to deliver an intoxicating physical elevation that will take you back to your first smoke in good old Amsterdam. In fact, if you haven't tried Auto JH from Original Sensible Seeds, then now is definitely the time to start.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse - Hot & Temperate
GENETICS Jack Herer x Autoflowering - Mostly Sativa
HEIGHT Outdoor: 60 - 120 cm Indoor: 60 - 120 cm
YIELD Outdoor: 120 gr/Per Plant Indoor: 450 gr/m2