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Auto Bubble cannabis seeds are as the name suggests a fast auto-flowering version of the famous Bubblegum strain.

  • The first Bubblegum genetics were first developed by cannabis growers in Indiana, USA. From here the genetics quickly moved to New England and finally Holland.

  • Auto Bubble seeds grow very fast and will finish her flowering in roughly 8 weeks. She will not disappoint when it comes to harvest time either producing large yields for her size.

  • This strain produces strong pungent scents so ventilation systems are advised when growing indoors under lights.

  • Once finished her dank buds are resinous and packed full of crystals, an absolute delight for cannabis connoisseurs across the world.

  • Auto Bubble cannabis seeds produce extra sweet buds which are a delight to consume, her smell and flavors certainly pack a punch and are reminiscent of that classic chewing gum flavor she is famously known for.

  • She is a total classic and a must have strain of cannabis, suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

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HEIGHT 40 - 60cm