707 Headband

707 Headband Humboldt Seeds
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707 Headband is a powerful indica dominant hybrid from the Bay Area in California, well known for its immediate and hard-hitting cerebral effects.

  • This strain is a complex and potent cross between OG Kush, Master Kush and NYC Diesel.

  • This strain combines size, flavour, potency and resistance with a creative, ‘heady’ high, making it an excellent choice for those with anxiety or tension. It’s also great for relaxation and pain relief.

  • This elite hybrid finishes in around 9 weeks, though it can go for up to 11 weeks depending on circumstances.

  • Headband 707 is a heavy producer, known for rapid, vigorous vegetative growth which lends itself perfectly to the development of large, frosty buds.

  • 707 produces long, OG-dominated buds with dense stacks of pungent, citrusy, pine flavoured flowers.

  • It yields such large buds that a trellis is often necessary.

  • This incredibly resistant strain is a heavy-yielding, mind-blowing champion worthy of any collection. You can buy these quality cannabis seeds quickly and easily, here at SeedMasters.com!

CLIMATEIndoor / Outdoor
GENETICSSativa dominant

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