Green Crack x Lily Koi - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Green Crack x Lily Koi - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
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Lily Koi bulk cannabis seeds better known as ‘Green Crack’, but also dubbed ‘cush’ and ‘lily koi’ by Cecil and his friends at Oregon Green Seed company. 

  • This strain has an Indica-dominant growth habit (not stretchy like typical Sativas are) but with a Sativa, uplifting effect.

  • Lily Koi is a special strain that is a more densely structured phenotype of the Sativa-dominant Green Crack. Her flowers grow fatter, rounder, and a bit more dense than the typical more elongated flowers of Green Crack. Her more dense structure makes her easier to control indoors when space is limited, while outdoors she is a super solid performer.

  • When grown outdoors some Lily Koi specimens can go extremely BIG when started early and given plenty of sun, wind, and root space.

  • Even though my Lily Koi is a less-stretch phenotype of Green Crack, her yields do not suffer for it thanks to her ideal internode spacing resulting in fat high-density buds on a well-branched and bushy framework.

Flowering Period: 7-7.5 weeks
Harvest outdoors by 3rd week September (northern Oregon)
Height: 4.5 – 7 feet (topped/untopped)
Yield: above average, medium-high
Odor: low, low/med

Green Crack x Lily has very good resistance to mold and pests. High potency and great for anytime medicine. She is also very easy to grow!

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