Black Domina - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Black Domina - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
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Black Domina cannabis seeds are a cross of multiple genetics from some of the world’s very best Indicas. 

  • This includes famous variety’s such as Ortega, Hash Plant, Northern Lights and Afghani SA which have been utilized to make this fast-flowering plant that features the trademark properties of her Indica genetics, growing dense compact flowers with excellent resin production throughout.

  • Once in the flowering stage the appearance is unmistakable, large central colas sparkle with resin and wide fingered leaves creating a bushy plant in structure. The optimal environment for Black Domina is indoors where you will achieve the best yields, growing outdoors you will find this to be much less.

  • Black Domina is a good medicinal strain of cannabis and is particularly useful if you suffer from migraines and nausea.

  • The effects of this variety are very strong and long lasting producing an energetic but heavy high. Black Domina is not a very social strain as the high is incredibly powerful and hits you straight away.

  • Her taste is exquisite with smoky and spicy earthy undertones with hints of Hashish and Blackberry.

  • Black Domina cannabis seeds are fast and easy to grow but be warned… she is dark and deadly!

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