Auto OG Kush - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Auto OG Kush  - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
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OG Kush Automatic cannabis seeds produce flowers with energetic cerebral effects shortly followed by a gentler couch locking body stone.

  • This strain has a rapid vegetative growth period and good spacing between her branches ensures excellent light penetration all the way down to the bottom flowers, this aids in the development of her rock-solid buds of which OG Kush is famous for.

  • OG Kush flowers relatively quick and will be ready around day 75 from seed.

  • Staking supports are defiantly recommended with this strain, the stretching abilities of this variety maker her perfect for SGROG or other similar growing techniques.

  • OG Kush has strong complex flavors mostly dominated by pine and petrol notes accompanied by wonderful pepper and citrus connotations.

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