Auto Jack - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Auto Jack - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
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Auto Jack cannabis seeds have been created by crossing two legendary strains, Jack Herer and White Widow to produce a hybrid with sheer power running through her veins. 

  • The combination of these classic strains produces uplifting and energetic highs that will melt your worries away. 

  • Jack Herer is one of the most legendary strains on the planet today and was named after the famous cannabis activist who battled long and hard for worldwide legalization of this important plant. The Jack Herer strain was carefully selected from a strong mother plant and is a real creeper which comes packed full of long-lasting stamina, this variety is also Sativa dominant and grows consistently tall in stature.

  • White Widow is another classic strain named after the potent Black Widow spider and aptly re-named White Widow to recognize her heavy dusting of white crystals which this strain is so well known for. Popular for her strength White Widow also flowers fast and was selected specifically for these reasons.

  • With these legendary strains combined to create the best of both worlds, Auto Jack was born. The auto-flowering genetics come from Ruderalis which can brave the arctic circle due to the automatic flowering cycle which over millions of years of evolution have been naturally developed.

  • The Ruderalis genetics empower Auto Jack’s rapid flowering cycle of 65-70 days indoor or 75-80 days outdoors where some growers have reported even quicker harvests.

  • Auto Jack is a very stable plant producing large harvests of gigantic buds yielding up to 450 grams per square meter indoors or 200 grams per plant outdoors. She is suited to most conditions across the northern and southern hemispheres both indoors and out.

  • The effects of this strain are truly mind-blowing and a pleasurable clash of old-school highs together with strength and stamina this strain appeals to old and new school stoners alike.

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