Auto Critical + - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Auto Critical + - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
  • £145.00

Critical + Auto flowering cannabis seeds belong to a Feminised Indica dominant cannabis strain that originates from the cross between a Critical + and a Roadrunner Auto flowering. 

  • The result is a high-quality Feminised auto hybrid with which Critical + lovers will be able to obtain one or more crops outdoors throughout the year if the photoperiod of the area allows doing so.
  • This automatic Feminised version of Critical + cannabis plant grows into a beautiful, fast flowering, vigorous cannabis plant that goes unnoticed outdoors and that produces plenty of dense, resinous buds.
  • Critical + Auto cannabis plant is easy to grow, no experience is required to obtain good results with this cannabis strain.
  • Critical + Auto cannabis plant performs well indoors, particularly in small spaces.
  • Outdoors it responds best to temperate Mediterranean climates and to the greenhouse.
  • It is advisable to add 1/3 of coco fiber to the soil in order to improve air circulation and accelerate metabolism.
  • The flavor and aroma produced from this cannabis plant are pronounced, with hints of lemon, wood, and spices.
  • The effect from Critical + Auto cannabis plant is powerful, relaxing, long lasting and more physical than in the regular form.
  • It is the perfect cannabis strain to relax.