Auto Blueberry - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Auto Blueberry - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
  • £145.00

Blueberry Automatic cannabis seeds are a beautiful pairing of two great strains, Lowryder #2 and the original Blueberry. 

  • This plant grows strong and vigorous creating a very potent fast-flowering strain with think bushy side branching. 

  • Although Auto Blueberry has lost some of her blue hues due to the introduction of the Lowryder #2 genetics, Auto Blueberry cannabis seeds still retain their mother’s unique fruity blueberry taste and aromas.

  • Auto Blueberry is a top-class strain and has won many awards for her mouth-watering taste and smell, easy to grow and suitable for both first-time growers and experienced masters of the art.

  • You can buy Auto Blueberry in bulk packs of 100 here today at!