Auto Blue Dream - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Auto Blue Dream - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
  • £155.00

Blue Dream Automatic cannabis seeds grow into plants which are tall, vigorous and very resilient. 

  • These plants produce stunning central colas and express their Sativa genetics throughout.

  • Blue Dream Auto grows bushy and will produce beautiful silver hues as she progresses through the growing cycle, accompanying this wonderful sight is a strong floral scent with earthy and peppery undertones.

  • Growing is easy and the plant structure develops well with long side branches helping to create balanced flower production across the plant.

  • From seed, Blue Dream Auto Feminized will finish her cycle in only 75 days.

  • Blue Dream Auto produces energetic and uplifting effects making you feel energized for hours on end, a perfect strain for outdoor activity during the day.

  • You can buy Blue Dream Automatic cannabis seeds in discounted bulk packs from today!

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