Amnesia Automatic - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia Automatic - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
  • £145.00

Amnesia Automatic is a cross between the legendary Amnesia Feminized and a Skunk clone brought back from Thailand, from there she was re-crossed with a selection of Jack Herer and C99 males.

  • Crossing her with a top Ruderalis specimen over many generations produced a variety with the characteristics of a Sativa plant which is programmed to automatically flower. 

  • Amnesia cannabis seeds can be grown indoor or even outdoors where she can easily reach over 120cm in height.

  • This strain is very productive and will yield crystal covered buds which are thick and dense complemented by an exquisite fruity taste and strong odor – A highly potent strain with Sativa dominant effects!

  • And because her flowering cycle is not dependant on the photoperiod, Amnesia Automatic can be grown at any time of the year although with better climatic conditions, the higher the yields you will be rewarded with once harvested.

  • Amnesia Automatic cannabis seeds are a great choice for recreational users and also medical users looking to exploit her excellent medical properties.