Amnesia - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia - Bulk Cannabis Seeds
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Amnesia cannabis seeds first exploded onto the Amsterdam Coffee Shop scene back in the late 2000’s, and from there, her fame quickly spread across the world!

  • Her intense and uplifting effects have made her a favorite for users looking to supercharge their creativity, as well as suiting the veteran toker that’s looking for something stronger than your average buds.

  • Amnesia will thrive without the need for strong fertilizers and is relatively easy to grow if you are just starting out. 

  • This variety tends to stretch during the first few weeks of flowering, but once finished she will reward growers with rock hard, crystal covered buds. One of the upsides to her stretching is that it makes Amnesia a perfect contender for growers looking to grow her using the Screen of Green (SCROG) method to help maximize the amount of canopy which receives light from your lamps and the amount of foliage and flower producing branches. This, in turn, helps to increase the yield from each square meter of your growing space.

  • Amnesia has an excellent scent of lemons and pine and contains a high number of terpenes including limonene and myrcene, this makes her a great choice for medical users as well. Once dried and cured properly Amnesia is a very smooth smoke and is gentle on the lungs.

  • This strain is truly legendary so Amnesia cannabis seeds are well worth adding to your beloved collection, available now in bulk packs of 100 seeds only at!