Anesia Seeds Sale

Anesia Seeds Sale

Anesia Seeds Discontinued Strains

Here you can find rare and discontinued strains from Anesia Seeds and get 25% discount this month by entering coupon code: ANESIA25 on the cart page!

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Amnesia Flash

We created our cup-winning Amnesia Flash cannabis seeds from the best Dutch strains, which were chos..

From £26.95


Chemdog marijuana strain is the product of a careful crossbreeding program involving two legendary v..

From £29.95

Hyper Glue

Hyper Glue is one of our latest hybrids for the year 2021 and was created due to the great demand fo..

From £27.95


Iceberg feminized seeds are a very resinous variety that offers great yields and an enormous potency..

From £28.45


MAC cannabis seeds are a supernova in cannabis genetics and shine with outstanding properties. ..

From £29.95

Mob Boss

The rare Mob Boss strain from Anesia Seeds is an extremely resinous, potent, and high-yielding canna..

From £27.45

Pink Starburst

Pink Starburst is our newest premium cannabis strain with the unmistakable strength and uniqueness o..

From £29.95


Slurricane Strain : The Top Tier Indica Cannabis Strain Slurricane Strain: GeneticsSlurricane i..

From £28.95

Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush feminized is a crossing of an original Hindu Kush with a Strawberry and convinces wi..

From £26.45

Triple Cheese Auto

Triple Cheese Auto is our newest auto-flowering variety which brings automatic genetics to a new lev..

From £23.95

True Gold OG

True Gold OG is a crossbreeding of an indigenous Kush from Afghanistan and our famous cup-winning Br..

From £26.95