Humboldt Seed Organisation

Humboldt Seed Organization from Northern California is comprised of a group of breeders possessing some of the best genetics on the planet. Ranging from 15 to 25 years of experience, collectively we have one of the largest libraries in the modern day cannabis community. Rooted in more than two decades of growing, we emphasize a deep appreciation for organic gardening and the pursuit of the best breeding practices which create superior results.

We believe in the importance of building living soils, only adding to the richness of diversity in a thriving biological food web. Establishing symbiosis through mutualistic relationships in the soil via Bio-remediation, Bio-fermentation and Bio-dynamic techniques is key to growing and breeding the highest quality cannabis.

Driven by the idea of progression within the cannabis industry resulted in a deep exploration of the many functions and benefits this unique and multi-faceted plant has to offer. Meticulous selection through years of regular breeding techniques are then transformed into our feminized, fast flowering, automatic seed and clone lines. Our goal is to educate sustainable methods of preservation and cultivation, guided by our collective passion for creating the best cannabis in the world.

With Love, From California

Humboldt Seed Organization - Quality First

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Dr Greenthumb's EM Dog by B Real

A cross between Chem #4 and OG Kush cannabis seeds, this "Cypress Hill" is Dr Greenthumb's Em-Dog by..



This elite collection from the infamous Kief Sweat HSO presents to you all Ewe-2 cannabis seeds!Kief..


Green Crack

Green Crack is part of Humboldt Seed Organization’s elite selection. This heavy-yielding monster ta..


Lemon Garlic OG

This is a new addition to the California Kind Genetics, brand-new cannabis seeds from #TeamHSO...


Lemon Juice Express Auto

Introducing, the zingy, zesty, Lemon juice Express by HSO, these cannabis seeds are auto-flowering&n..


Lemon Kush Headband

Lemon Kush Headband marijuana seeds, a Sativa dominant strain that was designed to reach for the sta..


Lemon Thai Kush

The Lemon Thai Kush cannabis seeds grow into huge bushy trees and produces massive crops of rea..


Lost Coast Hashplant

These cannabis seeds are a beast, a massive yielder and quite simply a big favorite amongst the more..


Lost Coast OG

Lost Coast OG is a mostly Indica dominant strain of cannabis seeds that comes from the Emerald Trian..


Lost Coast Skunk Auto

This is the revival of a once lost classic and over many generations of breeding, we produced these ..


Mango Sapphire

Introducing the combined efforts of two premier varieties of cannabis seeds and creating another mas..


Master Kush

This Californian classic is among the top-producing Indica-dominant Kush breeds on the market today...


OG Kush

OG Kush is a Californian variety by Humboldt Seed bank that is in the top in the California seed ele..


OG Kush Auto

This amazing strain has rapid vegetative growth and long internodal spacing. Good light penetration ..


Pineapple Skunk

Pineapple Skunk cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organisation is a commercial strain which is very po..


Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck (often referred to as Grandaddy Wreck) is an elegant cross between the original T..