The Future of Cannabis Ingestion - Sprays vs Patches vs Oil Capsules

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Find out what the best cannabis ingestion methods are when it comes to Sprays, Patches and Oil Capsules. 

Historically, inhalation has been the number one consumption method for cannabis.  This meant joints, pipes, bongs and more recently vaporizers. However, we’re now seeing a drastic shift to other forms of cannabis consumption that fall under the broader category of ingestion.  Cannabis ingestion includes consumption methods such as edibles, tinctures, oral sprays, transdermal patches and oil capsules.

While both inhaling and ingesting cannabis delivers the plants medicinal and psychoactive benefits, ingestion makes cannabis easier to consume, more discreet to do so, offers increased potency and allows for more precise dosing.  The increased bioavailability and longer lasting effects from ingestion allow the same number of milligrams to go a lot further.  Many users, especially those just getting familiar with cannabis, or those that dislike the idea of having to smoke cannabis to enjoy it are turning to ingestion as the perfect remedy.  For these reasons, we see cannabis ingestion as the future of cannabis consumption. 

So which methods do we think will become the future of cannabis ingestion?  Keep reading.

Oral Sprays

A fast-acting, smoke free option for consuming cannabis is the THC oral spray.  Oral sprays are one of the most efficient ways for our bodies to absorb the valuable cannabinoids.  Oral sprays are extremely discreet, delivering their active effects faster than edibles to provide rapid relief.  They are non-carcinogenic and help to prevent accidental use that is often associated with other ingestion methods like edibles.  THC sprays great for medical use because they allow for accurate dosing and will not irritate the lungs or throat like inhalation (smoking) would.  Another added benefit is that, unlike vaping, sprays will not trigger the urge to smoke in people who have kicked that habit.

THC oral sprays are typically sprayed under the tongue (sublingual), where the porous mucosal lining allows it to be easily absorbed.  The onset time for effects ranges from about 15 minutes to 1 hour and can last anywhere from 4-6 hours. 

Oral sprays are made from cannabis extracts in the form of high-purity alcohol tinctures or oils and are offered in varying potencies in THC and CBD leaning varieties. There are also flavoured options available like peppermint.

As with all ingestible cannabis products, it’s best to start with a low dose and wait for the effects to kick in so that you don’t take too much.

Benefits of THC Oral Sprays

  • Fast absorption rates
  • Increased purity and potency
  • Longer lasting effects
  • Discreet
  • Allow for accurate dosing
  • Non-irritating
  • Great for medical use
  • Available in a wide range of strains (THC & CBD) and terpene profiles

THC Transdermal Patches

THC patches are a gamechanger for those that want to get their daily dose of THC without the need to inhale or consume anything on a regular basis.  A THC transdermal patch is a thin piece of adhesive coated plastic that has been infused with THC and/or CBD.  Patches work just like a common nicotine patch and slowly release their contents for all-day or all-night medication and symptom relief.  THC transdermal patches are great for medical patients, those wishing to dose discreetly or people suffering from chronic pain and anxiety issues.

To make them work, simply peel and apply the THC transdermal patch to a venous part of your body, such as your upper arm, ankle or inside wrist.  THC patches are body heat activated and will begin to release small amounts of THC into your bloodstream via the skin.  Then if no more THC is wanted, simply remove the patch.

Do THC patches get you high?

Typically, the answer is no.  THC patches are designed to deliver cannabinoids slowly throughout the day (or night).  Similar to micro-dosing, patches deliver the medicinal benefits of THC without the psychoactive high. 

Benefits of THC Patches

  • Slow dosing
  • Non-psychoactive (micro doses)
  • Timed release and relief
  • Discreet
  • Whole-body relief
  • Great for medicinal use
  • Allows users to stay functional
  • Accurate dosing

THC patches offer a unique method to medicate with cannabis and have become a popular niche market on their own.

THC Oil Capsules

Many are turning to oil capsules instead of smoking for all the medicinal benefits of cannabis they provide without the damaging side effects of smoking. Cannabis oil pills have been around for a long time and are available in a wide variety of strains in both THC and CBD formulations.  Pills make dosing easy (once you know your dose) and are the most discreet way to consume cannabis. 

Cannabis oil capsules are made using high purity, concentrated THC or CBD oils.  The oil contained in the caps may have been extracted from dried flower cannabis using one of the many extraction techniques such as alcohol extraction, CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction and a few others.

The onset of effects can be slow, due to the metabolization in the digestive system, but the effects also last a long time.  Typically, the psychoactive effects from THC oil caps can be felt within 1-2 hours and last around 4-6 hours.  It is best to start with a low dose and wait for the effects to be felt before taking more.  It’s easier to take extra capsules but you can’t un-ingest them. 

Benefits of Cannabis Oil Capsules

  • Increased purity and potency compared to smoking
  • Long lasting, heavy effects
  • Discreet
  • Allow for accurate dosing
  • Non-irritating to the respiratory system
  • Provide relief of chronic pain and anxiety
  • Great for medicinal use – often used to treat cancer and epilepsy
  • Easily available in a wide variety of THC or CBD strains and potencies

Which method is the best way to ingest cannabis?

Whether you’d be better off taking oral sprays, transdermal patches or oil capsules will depend largely on your intended use.  If a rapid onset of effects is what you’re after, then an oral spray will be your best bet.  If you want the medicinal benefits without getting high, a transdermal patch is best.  If the strongest and longest lasting high is your gaol, then a potent THC oil pill is right for you. 

All these consumption methods are great ways to make use of the effects or symptom relief that cannabis offers.  Ingesting cannabis instead of inhaling means no irritation to the respiratory system, which is extremely important, especially in medical situations.  The ease of use, dosing accuracy and not having to smoke cannabis to gain its benefits, also opens its use up to a whole new demographic – non-smokers.  Ingesting is becoming so popular that in the future it could far surpass smoking or inhaling, especially if you factor in edibles.  Before using any form of cannabis, we recommend speaking with your health care practitioner and chosen cannabis retailer for more information about which cannabis ingestion method will suit you the best.

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