10 Interesting Facts about Cannabis Seeds

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Here's 10 little facts about Cannabis Seeds for you







All Cannabis pros know their shit when it comes to their favourite strain, the flavour, the colour and the effects. But what about the Cannabis Seeds? You cannot forget about these little chaps which grow that Master Kush, so here is 1- interesting facts about Cannabis Seeds.



1) Cannabis Seeds are what you can buy in shops, or seedbanks and most of those seedbanks stock about 40 strains of the sativa sub strain or indica.



2) These days the modern genetics has allowed for control of the seed's gender and strain which allows the consumer to know that they’re getting a great quality product that they are already familiar with.



3) The germination of cannabis is when those little guys awaken and then begin to form the roots which gives life to the plants. If you are buying your seeds from a shop or seedbank there is a 90% germination rate.






4) It is essential when growing cannabis that you pre-soak the seeds by layering them with some nice moist tissues until the little root of the plant is visible.







5) All seeds have the genetics of either sativa or an indica dominant plant. The Sativa dominant will give a buzz, give more energy and a real euphoric high without that heaviness and the Indica gives a chilled out sleepy body high.


6) Cannabis seeds can be stored for years without there being any impact to the quality of the plant but just make sure that your seeds are stored well, like in a dark, dry, cool place and in an airtight container.


7) While the whole cannabis plant can be compressed to form hemp oil it is said that cannabis seeds make the greatest hemp oil because it contains the legal requirement of 0.3% THC.


8) The legality of those little cannabis seeds is varied all across the countries so make sure you familiarize yourself with your local laws before you go buying them. 


9) Hemp production has been slow because the of the prohibition in so many countries even though hemp doesn’t contain any psychoactive ingredients, which is unfortunate because Hemp has been used for years because of its durability and strength.






10) In this day and age most grows begin with a cloning process, which takes the node of that plant and then it grows a new one with the exact same genetics as the parent with no germination process. Feminized cannabis seeds are always preconditioned to become females which allow a much easier grow with a higher yield.






Do you know any cool facts about cannabis seeds which aren’t listed? If so, let us know!

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