Pyramid Seeds have arrived at SeedMasters!

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Pyramid Seeds have joined the collection of quality cannabis seeds on


So you remember a few blogs back I told you to keep your eyes peeled for Pyramid Seeds to come to Well they are here and what a special selection of strains they have in store for you.


This Seedbank is known for a few of its very popular strains such as American Pie. Pyramid cannabis Seeds have some really awesome names and some real strong strains, strong enough to wipe the floor with Superman, get higher than Superman with Kryptonite!! The name alone suggests some real quality breeding there.


It’s great to have a new Seedbank added, at Seedmasters the team carefully research and pick out only the best Seedbanks so that we can bring those treasures to you.


As they are our new flavour of the month we are going to kick Pyramid Seeds off to a mega cool start by offering all customers 20% when purchasing Pyramid Seeds, no minimum spend. Everyone buying Pyramid Seeds gets this special deal, so hurry up as this offer won’t be on for long!







Here’s just a few of the magnificent strains we have to offer;


American Pie

A Wonderful South African strain for its easy care and its good reaction in every growing system.
This variety comes from the famous “Power Plant” and “White Widow”, working a variety with a really good taste and big, compact and crystalline buds.
Some people say that it’s really powerful.    
As we say, its adaptation makes it perfect for a vertical growing.   In this way we have been surprised with the results.
To cultivate outdoor in middle October.   
Indoor: we recommend no more than ten plants for each light (with both: seeds or cuttings)
Flowering: 65/70 days: harvest time in the first of October


American Pie - Pyramid Seeds





We took several phenotypes of the Granada Mountains and crossed them with our varieties to find a plant more narcotic and with a stronger effect. The outcome is this strain of fast flowering.
Plant of median appearance with long thin buds, but very compact and heavy.
It has a deep green color that is becoming clearer as the flowering progresses.
It has a touch of acid haze because of its crossing with Yumbolt.
Probably the fastest Sativa in the world.


Kryptonite - Pyramid Seeds




Blue Pyramid

One of the most famous strains in the world.
It’s always fashionable because it’s very difficult to improve something that was well-done from the beginning.
Very productive, it can adapt itself to any cultivation system without trouble.It has a sweet taste, like candy.
Those who have planted it know what we mean.
After a long time of careful breeding and work, we finally have our Blue variety, on a Blueberry basis.
We present a Hybrid with the appearance of an Indica: very compact and full thick resin-soaked buds throughout the plant.
It has a sweet taste with a touch of exotic fruits and an intense relaxing effect.
Blue Pyramid is recommended for therapeutic uses.
High temperatures should be avoided especially before harvest, this will allow its blue tones turning up during that period.


Blue Pyramid - Pyramid Seeds





Wembley is a pretty amazing variety resulting from the crossing of the famous Ak 47 and the tasty Bubble Gum.
It has features from both of them; AK’s strong pleasant and long lasting effect is mixed with Bubbles fresh tropical fruit flavor, recalling a Chewing Gum taste.


Wembley - Pyramid Seeds

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