New Heavyweight Cannabis Seeds Promo Just For You!

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You heard right, we’ve put on another promo with the amazing Heavyweight Cannabis Seeds!



After our Heavyweight special promo ended we felt that because they’re such an awesome Seedbank that we had to put on another special promotion for you all.

So what is the offer we’re bringing you?

Starting today you will get 2 FREE Heavyweight Seeds for every 5 pack purchased and 4 FREE Heavyweight Seeds for every 10 pack of Heavyweight Seeds you purchase!

We will randomly select the free Seeds from these cool strains!

Heavyweight Cannabis Seeds Promo!

Best be quick as this offer will end on the 30th September or as soon as promotional stock runs out!



Here’s a little info about each of these fab strains:


Fast & Vast Auto
Fast & Vast Auto - Heavyweight Seeds
If you seek the maximum amount and the maximum power in an automatic plant, there is no need to look any further. Fast was the first heavyweight, crossed with the mixture of Vast / Afghani Skunk, be assured these cannabis seeds produce think buds covered with many crystals!

Taste sweet spices. The high is fast and strong, inviting a relaxing leaving virtually frozen.

Do not expect an ordinary plant, this is a real heavyweight automatic!



Jackpot Auto
Jackpot Auto - Heavyweight Seeds
We’re proud to announce the arrival of Jackpot, an outstanding cross of the legendary Jack Herer and the mighty 2 Fast 2 Vast. We had a really good feeling about crossing these two formidable strains, but little did we know they’d be a match made in heaven!

Jackpot is the ideal option if you’re looking for a strain that’s incredibly easy to grow and an end product that’s of the highest possible quality. Taking only 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, Jackpot is simplicity itself to cultivate and is well suited to almost any environment. Standing at just 80-100 cm tall, it’s the perfect choice for those with limited space and also for outdoor crops where discretion is required. It’s rapid development and remarkable resilience makes Jackpot particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation and it will continue to give great results when the temperature is above 10% C. This means it can be grown all year round in many locations; anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Oozing with resin, Jackpot produces large, sticky buds that will astound anyone more accustomed to autos of lesser quality. Likewise, yields are high, with an average of 50-80 grams per plant.

The effect is initially euphoric and energizing, but gradually evolves into a deeply relaxing and long lasting stoned sensation. The first toke carries the fruity undertones of 2 Fast 2 Vast, followed by a spicy, earthy taste that resonates back to the original Jack Herer.

If you’re looking for an easy to grow, quick finishing and high yielding auto, you’ve just hit the Jackpot!



Money Bush
Money Bush - Heavyweight Seeds
"In this country, the first thing you have to get is to make money. So when I got the money, the power is obtained. Then, when you have power, you get women. "

Money Bush is the perfect plant for the great Tony Montana! Heavyweight have put all their experience in the production of a strain that meets all requirements for commercial gardener. easy to grow, low maintenance, excellent resilience, fast performance and huge bloom, Money Bush is a safe investment.

Being Indica dominant, Money Bush is low and compact, detail particularly useful if it grows in confined spaces or additional discretion is required.

Flowering is very fast (7-8 weeks), culminating in a huge crop of buds coated with resin crystals with a very high proportion of flowers / leaves that mean that manicure can be done quickly.

Money Although Bush is super-fast; nothing is lost in its attributes fragrance, taste or feel. The aroma is intoxicating and earthy, the taste is classic kush and the effect is heavy and long lasting. Money Bush is known for its attributes of pain relief and is a great help for those who suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders similar.



Short & Sweet Auto
Short and Sweet Auto - Heavyweight Seeds
Heavyweight has crossed two notoriously powerful strains, AK-49 and White Widow.

The result is a devastatingly strong auto that will put even the most seasoned smoker on their ass! Short & Sweet produces rock hard buds that glisten with white crystals. Plenty of ventilation is required if growing indoors, as Short & Sweet will quickly envelop any non-ventilated room with an intense, spicy odour.

Cultivation couldn’t be easier and very little experience is required to get the best from this blend of two cannabis legends; this makes Short & Sweet a great introduction to cultivation for the novice gardener.

A good tip is to initially plant the seedlings in large pots, as this greatly reduces the stress that can occur whilst transferring the plants into larger pots over the course of growth; as seed to harvest takes around 55-65 days only, this will significantly reduce stress and ensure the maximum yield.

Short & Sweet borders on a hallucinogenic experience – don’t say you haven’t been warned!



Wipeout Express Auto
Wipeout Express Auto - Heavyweight Seeds
The Heavyweight team set about producing a serious heavyweight” with the hard hitting Wipeout Express, the effect is fast, very fast, and the couch is soon calling you for a cosy hour or two whilst you remember your name.

Primarily looking to inject power into this strain the Heavyweight team used a huge Northern Light Auto/Afghani Auto hybrid and crossed this with a highly potent White Widow Auto to give Wipeout Express its serious power.

The plant grows fast but stays at about 1 meter and bushes out; also it is low in odour making it very popular with those with small gardens with nosy neighbours. The harvest is plentiful and solid crystal covered buds abound; this is certainly the strongest auto variety we have ever seen.

Remember this is no ordinary auto, this is a Heavyweight Auto!!




All lucy customers of this special offer will also receive some free Giant Heavyweight Rizla!

So don’t forget to get your orders in before this amazing offer ends, check out Heavyweight Seeds now!

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