How To Get Super Roasted on Marijuana and spend Less Money

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Here we explain how to use basic psychological insights to experience the most intense high, without having to take a break, and ultimately spend less money on your Marijuana!

Imagine there was a way you could get much higher than usual without having to smoke any more marijuana? Well there is one completely free and super simple trick that will help you do exactly that. In fact, you may even come close to recapturing that ‘first time buzz’ if you really nail it. In this blog we’ll explain exactly what the trick is, and more importantly, how and why it works.


Hopefully, as you read through this blog you’ll be reminded of times in your past when you’ve unwittingly employed this trick and found yourself questioning what the hell happened! In fact, I can’t count how many times Ive been blind-sided by this phenomenon myself over the years, in situations where I really could have done without it! So for this reason alone, it’s a good idea to understand this trick.

The trick is simply to smoke it in a totally new environment (told you it was simple!). However, the reason this trick works is a little more complex, and will take a little trip into psychology to explain it. Don’t be intimidated though, this is basic stuff and we’re going to try to break it down into super simple steps so you’re guaranteed to understand it.

Just to be clear this isn’t some obscure ‘power-of-suggestion’/’trick of the mind’ stuff, in fact you’ll find this theory in just about any of the ‘Introduction to learning’ psychology textbooks available, and the research supporting it comes from one of the most scientifically rigorous approaches in psychology (ie: behaviourism).

The phenomenon is understood by psychologists via the framework of ‘the compensatory-response model’, which itself is a version of ‘preparatory-response theory’. These names describe pretty well what is actually happening when the phenomenon takes place, but some explanation is still definitely in order.

So imagine you have a baseline level of what we’ll call ‘happy points’, and we plot this as a line on a graph. We’ll put your number of happy points at about 5, on a scale of 1 to 10. Of course, this is a very simplistic model of human emotion, but its good enough for our purposes.

Get Higher On Marijuana - Graph One

Humans (and all other biological organisms for that matter), tend to move towards a state of ‘homeostasis’, and employ compensatory mechanisms to remain there. Homeostasis is essentially another word for stability, and in this context, it simply means that the body is always monitoring changes in its own processes, and acting automatically to bring them back to a ‘normal’ state.

So, if your 5 happy points represent your ‘normal’ state, when you introduce something like weed, we can imagine you might jump up 3 happy points to make a total of 8. This is what is referred to as ‘the A process’. At this point your body learns to associate your environment with the effects of the weed.

Get Higher On Marijuana - Graph 2

The reason the body learns to associate the environment with marijuana is because it is preparing itself to respond to the marijuana next time it is used (hence the term ‘preparatory-response theory’). This conditioning process allows the body to pre-empt and counteract the effects of the weed whenever you use it in that specific environment. This is essentially the process of building a tolerance.

The body counteracts the A process by pre-emptively reducing your happy points to the same extent that weed raises them. This is referred to as ‘the B process’ (or opponent process). When experienced alone (without the A process), it tends to create a feeling of tension which in most cases simply amounts to craving, however in more powerful drugs amounts to the process of withdrawal. The more powerful the drug (A process), the more powerful the withdrawal (B process) must be to compensate, and in the case of harder drugs such as alcohol, this B process is sometimes so powerful it can be fatal.

Get Higher On Marijuana - Graph 3

So how does all of this relate to getting high? It’s actually very simple. When you smoke in your usual environment, the B process is evoked to counteract the effects of the weed. This means that rather than gaining 3 happy points from the A process, you gain 3 from the A process and lose 3 to the B process, resulting in a mild, but relatively uninteresting high (as you remain at about 5 happy points). 

Get Higher On Marijuana - Graph Four

However, the B process is entirely associated with the environment in which the A process usually occurs, and all that is necessary to avoid triggering the B process, is to avoid the environment that it is associated with. This is actually the primary reason behind most heroin overdoses; when regular users with a high tolerance to the drug take their usual dose in a new environment, the body is caught off-guard so to speak, and has not prepared the B process to compensate for the A process. This results in the user taking a dose that would only be suitable for an experienced user with a strong tolerance, while their actual tolerance to the drug is that of a first-time user. Essentially the user’s tolerance for the drug is entirely dependent on their previous use in any given environment.

Fortunately, marijuana is incredibly safe and overdoses on weed simply do not occur, no matter how much you smoke or how unprepared your body might be.

In summary, the trick is to go somewhere completely new, somewhere you’ve never smoked before, preferably equipped with a new smoking device (the device is also an element of the familiar environment) and to blaze just as much as you usually would. This will allow you to experience the A process (marijuana) without the dampening effect of the B process (tolerance), effectively rendering you a ‘first-time user’ all over again.

So there you have it; one simple, completely free (and very effective) trick that can be used to turn the tables on your tolerance levels. If you enjoyed this blog post we hope you’ll share it with others, and feel free to let us know in the comments section if you’ve experienced this phenomenon yourself in the past!

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