How Pot Shops Are Becoming Like the Apple Stores

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Pot shops have changed, they’ve become more like an apple store and here’s how




Major makeovers are changing the retail cannabis aesthetics


Back when legal weed shops opened up in America there really wasn’t alot of thought given to the design and aesthetics and that’s pretty understandable, compared to the old pot buying experience it was stealthy purchasing a dime bag on the street corner or in the basement of one of your friendly neighbour drug dealers then any store would’ve looked pretty fancy and inviting.


Now that recreational cannabis has become fully established in Washington, Oregon & Colorado it is clear now that legal cannabis is a huge business and it won’t be closing down anytime soon. Well it just makes sense that those places that are selling it should look professional, sleek and modern like other popular businesses too.


And that is exactly what is happening to the weed shops around the country. A cannabis dispensary called The Clinic which has shops in Illinois, Nevada & Colorado have spent just over $1 million to build and design a brand new flagship store in Denver. It has a "art meets science aesthetic" and has skylights, loads of natural light, some earth toned counters and some artfully displayed samples pf products.


The Clinic president said “Let’s be industry-agnostic here,” and the CEO Scott Thorn said of his new store “We wanted to create a retail experience that measured up to stores in any industry. We wanted to be able to translate our brand into a physical and operational environment.”


It’s really no different to the concept of the Apple Stores, its classy, engaging and inviting. It has all the qualities that tend to persuade the shoppers to hang around a little longer and purchase more.


While stores like Good Chemistry and The Clinic have a look of chic laboratories other store Paper & Leaf which is located in Bainbridge Island in Washington feels a little more like an art gallery and according to their website it also features “a high-end, comfortable atmosphere and professional attitude that invites inquiry, discovery and conversation.” and is rustic with earthy accents which reflect the settings natural beauty.


So if it’s an Apple Store or a weed shop, the proprietor’s hope that their atmosphere will invite the shoppers to come on in and spend some nice cash.



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