Heavyweight Cannabis Seeds are now in the Ring!

Posted by SeedMasters.com 09/08/2016 0 Comment(s)

Heavyweight Cannabis Seeds have finally arrived at SeedMasters.com!


It seems like a long time since we introduced any new seedbanks to the website doesn’t it?

It’s time for a new seedbank guys, and the new seedbank joining our collection of quality cannabis seeds is Heavyweight Seeds.

Heavyweight Seeds are a fantastic seedbank that were founded back in 2008 in Spain. They would only use the purest of breeds, so that the seeds they were breeding were of the highest standards and the team created the first lot of mouth-watering Heavyweight seeds which satisfied all different types and tastes.

They entered into the market in 2010 and became synonymous with the quality of cannabis seeds they were producing over and over again, each with a dedicated team searching and developing.

The Heavyweight Seeds have one simple goal which is to only produce the highest of quality genetics, it is their passion and they won’t stop in their quest for perfection.

They currently produce a varied wide range of feminized seeds, the Indicas will knock you off your feet and the Sativa’s are of such high quality that there is a choice for everyone’s needs. They range from psychoactive to medical effects and the huge productivity of the Heavyweight range really make these the best pick for those commercial growers.

Everyone on the SeedMasters.com team are very excited to be bringing this seedbank to you today! You can now get your hands on these great strains from Heavyweight Seeds so what are you waiting for?? Click Here to order now!

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