Easter Egg hunt ends with Cops Finding Cannabis

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Just a Easter day in Salmon Creek, Washington, Easter Egg Hunt on, except Police find Cannabis Farm instead of Eggs!


It was the Easter weekend, and a Saturday, there was an Easter egg hunt going on in Salmon Creek, Washington State. Then a man just came along and interrupted the hunt by saying that his roommates had been trying to shoot him. The Sheriff's deputies had then discovered the source of the "Disturbance" and it was a very big unlicensed cannabis plant operation.


Salmon Creek Trail by Brandojones


The large operation had been located in a suburban Salmon Creek, Washington, which is just north of the Oregon state, according to the Clark County Sheriff's Office on their Facebook.
The deputies managed to cease around 45 pounds of processed cannabis, which had the street value of more than $202,000 and along with that just over $108,000 of cash, and 4 vehicles. According to them the operation had been distributing all across the country.



Weed & Money



Mr Joseph E Sullivan, aged 24 and Mr M Long aged 27 were then booked for the felony drug warrants out of Missouri, said the sheriff’s office and Mr Charles J Yorkovich, aged 24 had been charged with having possession of the controlled substance, with intent to deliver.

No guns were found
That’s some Easter hunt isn’t it!

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