Cannabidiol 101 - What is CBD & What's It Used For?

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CBD has become one of the hottest topics in Canada for a few years now. It's like suddenly everyone in Canada has decided that they want and need CBD in their lives. But the popularity of CBD is not without reason. Many people have claimed that their health has gotten better thanks to CBD. And if this makes you want to take CBD as well, you might as well learn more about it first.

The world of CBD is vast and fast-moving. Everyone who wants to get into CBD is advised to learn as much as they can about it beforehand. And at the same time, as we know more about CBD, we may have to adapt and keep being open-minded. Anyway, let's learn more about CBD or cannabidiol.

What is CBD & What's It Used For?
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What is cannabidiol and what is it for?

Cannabidiol or commonly referred to as CBD is a natural compound that can be found in hemp plants. It is a versatile, natural compound that offers many health benefits for the user. From a bunch of studies, self-reports, and research in both humans and animals, we now know that CBD has the potential to help with:

  • Addition. CBD may help lower cravings for tobacco and drugs under certain conditions.
  • Chronic pain. CBD helps control pain and inflammation that is caused by some ailments like arthritis.
  • Anxiety. Many studies and clinical trials are exploring the potential of CBD as a therapeutic solution for problems that can cause anxiety.
  • Insomnia. What we know so far is that CBD may help with falling and staying asleep.

Another important thing you should know is the fact that CBD doesn't make you high. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that offers its benefits without making you feel high or stoned. Not to be confused with THC, a popular compound that is psychoactive. THC and CBD are often paired with each other, as both of them have their own set of health benefits.

But, keep in mind that the THC amount in a hemp plant is less than 0.3%, so it probably won’t make you high. That being said, some Canadians do not want to consume any THC at all for various reasons. If you’re also the same, then you should choose the right CBD products.

Three types of CBD products

This brings us to another topic of three types of CBD products. I am not talking about CBD vapes or oils, but rather about the content of a CBD product. There are three terminologies that you’re going to see a lot on the market: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Let’s break them down one by one.

Full-spectrum products contain all the compounds of a hemp plant, including THC. Although the THC content is less than 0.3%, you should remember this whenever you buy a full-spectrum product. Broad-spectrum products are similar, as they contain all the compounds of a hemp plant, except for THC. These products are great for people who want to get as many compounds as possible from hemp plants but still want to avoid THC. Last but not least, CBD isolate products contain only CBD and nothing else. These products are great for people who only want and need CBD and want to gauge the effectiveness of CBD without any interference.

I think at this point, you have a good idea of which kind of CBD product you want to try. One more thing you should do is to do your research into the quality of each CBD product. For this, you can read third-party lab test results to find out more about the product you’re interested in. Reading online reviews and the manufacturer’s website will help you a lot as well.


What's CBD Used For?
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So how do you want to take CBD?

Taking CBD is fun and beneficial at the same time. There are so many CBD products available for Canadians, and they’re free to choose whichever you want. Each product has its own pros and cons, so don’t be afraid to have preferences.

As long as you do your homework before taking CBD, you can be sure to avoid some side effects like dry mouth, drowsiness, and nausea. Also, you may need to be patient while using CBD. Start with lower doses and wait for at least a week to see how your body reacts. Don’t expect to get the benefits instantly. And of course, feel free to consult your intent to take CBD with your physician if you have any doubts.

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