A complete beginner’s guide to CBD Oil

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Are you planning on stepping into the world of CBD oil but don’t know where to begin?

If the answer to your question is yes, then you are in the right place. CBD has taken over the world, and you can find yourself surrounded by CBD-infused products. With the recent legalization of cannabis in various parts of the world, more and more people are resorting to CBD oil as an effective way to get relief from a wide array of physical and mental troubles. Read on to know the facts about CBD oil and how to use it.  


What is CBD oil?

Before we begin to talk about CBD oil, let us first understand what CBD is. CBD is one of the many compounds that you find in Cannabis Sativa. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD has recently become popular owing to its therapeutic benefits. It is a compound that can nourish and heal your body, help you overcome stress, anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, and maintain overall health.

CBD oil comes from both cannabis and hemp plants. Hemp is a variety of cannabis that people grow mainly for industrial purposes and can contain very low THC. The plant matter goes through a rigorous process of CO2 extraction to get pure CBD content in the end.     


Is it safe to use?

The cannabis plant contains both CBD and THC, and THC is the psychoactive element that is responsible for the mind-altering effects. On the other hand, CBD is a non-psychoactive element, implying that it will not induce a euphoric high like marijuana does. CBD oil has zero or a negligible amount of THC, making it entirely safe to use. As per the legal limits, CBD oil that contains 0.2% THC or less is permissible in Europe and the UK, whereas this legal limit is set to 0.3% or less in the US.


How to use it?


In many ways, CBD oil is just like any other oil, but the sheer abundance of methods in which you can use it makes it stand out. If you are wondering how you can incorporate CBD oil into your life, here are a few easy ways:

  • Oral: The easiest way to consume CBD oil is through sublingual administration. You can directly consume the oil spray or tincture by placing 5-6 drops under your tongue. Hold it for about 60 seconds and then swallow. There are blood vessels under the tongue that quickly absorb the oil, and you can get instant relief. If you don’t like the nutty taste of the oil, you can take CBD oil capsules.


  • Topically: Do you suffer from chronic pain? Or have skin irritation or infection? You can use CBD oil directly on your skin to get relief from both. Take a few drops of the oil and rub it onto the affected area. Or, you can add it to your regular cream, shampoo, and even face scrub to get glowing and healthy skin.


  •  Vaping: Vaping is a relatively new way of using CBD oil. You should not vape CBD oil directly. For vaping, you would need CBD oil specially designed for vaping called CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid. The vape device heats the liquid to a temperature that produces vapor for you to inhale. Through vaping, you inhale the cannabinoids that go straight to your lungs, enter your bloodstream and then reach the affected area. The effects kick in almost immediately.


  •  Edibles: Edibles are foods and drinks that have CBD infused in them. You can find a wide variety of alternative food products that contain CBD oil in them. From gummy bears to chocolate, from coffee to beer, you can get something that suits your palate. If that’s not enough, you can make edibles by adding CBD oil to the food that you cook at home. Just add a few drops of oil on your salad, smoothie, or pasta and enjoy the goodness of CBD.


What are the benefits of using CBD oil?


1.       Keep stress and anxiety at bay: Due to the fast pace of life, sadly, stress is becoming a significant part of our lives. It is paving the way for anxiety and panic disorders among people across the world. When you consume CBD oil, the cannabinoids present in the oil bind to the receptors present inside the body and interacts with them. It can alter your mood and how you react to external stimuli. Similarly, CBD can also calm your nerves and mind, letting you relax after a stressful day.  


 2.       Improves the sleep cycle: Insomnia is common in people who are suffering from stress, anxiety, or chronic pain. CBD can work its magic and put an end to the continuous tossing and turning in bed. It provides relief to people who are battling with insomnia as it helps tackle the root cause of insomnia, be it anxiety or pain and helps patients sleep better at night. 


 3.       Helps combat pain: There are a host of synthetic painkillers available on the market today, but they come with various side effects. Unlike opioids, CBD oil can be an organic way to get rid of chronic pain due to several conditions. When you apply CBD oil on the affected area or consume CBD in another form, the cannabinoids interact with the receptors and can help reduce pain.


 4.       Keep acne at bay: CBD is also known to be an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Excess production of oil by the sebum gland and the trapping of this oil along with the dirt in the pores can lead to acne. When you apply CBD oil on your face, the cannabinoid interacts with the sebum gland and reduces the production of oil. In most cases, the dirt leads to infection that can lead to severe acne. CBD, with its antibacterial properties, can also get rid of germs on your skin.


Final Thoughts

CBD oil is helping millions of people across the globe to live a better life. It can not only help you fight a myriad of health issues but can nourish your body from the inside. So, whether you are a recreational user or have some medicinal need, CBD oil can be the safest way to jump into the world of cannabis. You can get quality CBD oil from your local dispensary or visit the online stores today. But, if you are still unsure and wish to have a better understanding of CBD oil read more here. 

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