5 Unique Facts About Cannabidiol

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CBD is a compound in cannabis which has surprising health benefits and does not make people feel ‘stoned’. CBD is one of the most important components in marijuana.


Being a natural substance, CBD has recently become a very popular topic due to its medicinal benefits and effects


Many countries are doing continuous research in this field and CBD is also being used as a dietary supplement you can even buy topical CBD based lotions. Being a new player in the world of medicine, CBD is still surrounded by a lot of misinformation, confusion, and doubt.

There is another compound in the same field which is called Hemp Oil. As CBD is derived from cannabis, it is often confused with hemp oil. However, there is a difference in terms of usage between hemp oil and CBD.


The actual cannabis seed itself contains less CBD , which makes it difficult to take maximum advantage of its medicinal properties. They also contain trace amounts of THC which makes it useless for people who want to get high. Unlike CBD oil, hemp oil has a high nutritional value as it has a strong presence of polyunsaturated fats like Omega- 6 and Omega- 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E.


1.   The key ingredient in Cannabis is CBD


There are over 113 compounds present in Cannabis which are called cannabinoids. CBD and THC are one of the most prevalent among these cannabinoids. They are also one of the most recognized and researched upon because of their interesting properties.


CBD levels also vary among plants, you can find CBD in marijuana grown for recreational purposes as well as get high- CBD strains.


With basic knowledge about growing and harvesting marijuana plants, you can grow good quality herb in your own garden.



2.   CBD is Non-Psychoactive In Nature


CBD will not make you high. Health professionals opt for treatments which have minimum side effects when dealing with any medical condition.

The nature of CBD is non- psychoactive as it acts on receptors different from THC.



3.  CBD Has a Huge Variety of Health Benefits


The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a review in 2013 that CBD has a wide range of medical properties and effects on the body:

1.    Anti-convulsant and can suppress seizure activity

2.    Anti-inflammatory and thus will combat inflammatory disorders

3.    Anti-oxidant and will help in combating neurodegenerative cells

4.    Anti-emetic and can reduce vomiting and nausea

5.     Anti-psychotic and will combat psychosis disorders

6.     Analgesic and can combat pain and related disorders

7.     Anti-cancerous or antitumoral meaning that it can combat tumor and cancer cells

8.     It is an antidepressant and a mood enhancer. It makes you feel happy, the way you may feel after munching up a nice healthy chocolate bar.

Research continues widely in every area of CBD, The proof of the effects of the above-listed benefits of CBD that is tested on animals, since relatively fewer studies have been conducted on humans but we will start to see a change in this area in the future as more and more countries look to make cannabis legal.


4. CBD Works Well With Other Compounds


CBD has an ability to interact well with other compounds like terpenes and THC. It is believed that CBD, THC, and terpenes work well together and benefit us more than they would if used alone.

CBD is synergistic to the health effects of marijuana on the body.



5. CBD Decreases The Negative Effects Of THC


CBD has the ability to reduce the high of marijuana. It has been proven that CBD can reduce the intoxicating effects of THC like paranoia and memory impairment.

It has been tested on people who have used pure THC, as well as cannabis for medical purposes, that they prefer to use natural cannabis, keeping side effects in mind. It is believed that CBD has a part to play in this preference.

Though neither CBD nor THC poses any risk of a lethal overdose, it is still advised to use cannabis with higher CBD levels for medical purposes but it is certain that it is known to be effective in decreasing anxiety and in helping with inflammation- related issues like arthritis and other inflammatory problems like multiple sclerosis. 

The medical field is fast progressing, with new players coming in, more and more discoveries are being found with CBD and other cannabis-type medicine.

The effectiveness of CBD on epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, spasms, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, nausea, convulsions, inflammation, and many other conditions, including cancer is still being researched on and is in pre-clinical stage.

Interestingly, CBD is legal in the United Kingdom if it is sold in the form of a food supplement. Products which are produced using Cannabis Sativa L. or hemp can also be sold as food supplements. At present, there is no immediate threat to suppliers or consumers of CBD products in the UK.

CBD is a natural remedy to cure various ailments in the wide availability of dietary supplements in the market. Constant research and studies are being conducted on CBD to discover further health benefits and how can it can be made a part of our daily lives.

You can also do your own personal research on CBD oil to find out if it is the right fit for you, there is so much information out there with regards to research progress.

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